Twitter Is Testing New Changes


Twitter is testing bigger pictures in the timeline. The new changes will work on how photos and videos appear on its apps. It is expected that the new feature will expand visual impact like other social media platforms.


Twitter is trying to use visual media that will be embedded in tweets to fill the whole width of a mobile phone’s screen. Currently, images are placed next to a user’s profile photo. It takes much less screen space which might be uncomfortable for some users.


Twitter mentioned the new layout as “more room to shine”. Now it is being tested on iOS but not Android. Twitter is also using upvote and downvote buttons to test the feature. It is one of the latest changes that Twitter is experiencing in a series of tests.

Twitter has also launched a “tip jar” feature. This feature is allowing users to pay each other for “good” tweets. Previously, Twitter announced another test that allows users to remove followers. It is being tested in the web browser version of Twitter.


It is expected that the experimental changes will fuel content creation for dedicated users. During the acquisition of Scroll, they stated, “Scroll will become a meaningful addition to our subscriptions work as we build and shape a future subscription service.”