Toxic Social Network Yik Yak Is Back


The controversial social media app Yik Yak is somehow back. Four years ago, it was shut down due to body shaming and racist content.


The app was faded into obscurity as it was responsible for many harmful occurrences such as sexual harassment, threats of gun violence, and murder.

The app Yik Yak was developed by Furman University students Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington. Eventually, it became popular in 2014. At that time, it was valued at $400 million. This app allows the users to create, view, and comment on discussion threads.


The users can share it with other users within a 5-mile radius. Users also could upvote or downvote content. But due to some racist content, sexual harassment, and murder several schools banned the app.

Every social media has some gray area. People are spending more time online during this pandemic. However, all the news and post are available in the news feed are not reliable. False news or posts containing racist comments can spread violence. Social media companies are trying to find a balance between free speech and regulating content.


Yik Yak’s website explained that the platform is now under new management. It is expected that they may take all of today’s worst elements of social media and amplify them.