Coding Boot Camps Are Now Preserving Employment


Let’s stop and look at the big picture for a moment. Today, we are heavily reliant on technology and are aware how much easier it is for us to go about our daily lives with it. Just like with our every day personal lives, technology also brings in great impact on future employment. Many of the labor jobs that exist today, may not exist in ten or twenty years’ time as they will become automated. However, many new jobs will also be created. One of which is coding. Jobs requiring coding experience will definitely boom in the next decade or so.

With technological advancement, comes a few matters to discuss. While more jobs may open because of this, it still leaves one specific issue – the skills gap. Can we really expect mere factory workers to code advanced software? The answer is pretty obvious – not without training.

Because of this, coding boot camps have been established in many countries to provide crash course intel on coding to bring people up to speed on how to code in just a few months. The target is to not only help the younger generation polish the skill but to also make way for the older generation to learn new skills.

In the US and Canada alone, there are an estimated 25,000 students attending these boot camps with a little over 10% of these are aged over 40. Coding camps are not only more cost-efficient but they can also give anyone an edge when they apply for a job, especially if they have the certificate to prove it. While learning how to code in the truest sense and form is very challenging to come by, having some knowledge of coding can ultimately help you stand out amongst other candidates.
But not to worry though. While coding may become such an in-demand skill, it will not be the only job that will be available as there will be plenty more. If coding isn’t for you, then there are many other possibilities out there.