4 Business Truths COVID Taught Us


There’s no denying it’s been a really tough year for everyone around the world. People all over the world lost loved ones, jobs, and even businesses. With the hope of a vaccine, many are starting to see a glimmer of hope. As we, hopefully, ease back into normalcy in the later part of the year, let us not forget some important truths we had to learn because of COVID-19.

Always Be Prepared

It is true that we can never tell when a disaster is going to strike, which is why as a business owner, you should always be prepared to face the worst. Make your teams’ safety your main priority because, after all, the company won’t run without them. Communicate with them consistently to reassure them and provide vital information. Having a back-up plan in case of tragedy is handy in unexpected situations like these.

Support Local

With many establishments shutting, it just proves how important it is to endorse local businesses. Frankly speaking, the chances of fast-food giants declaring bankruptcy are relatively low compared to businesses run by local entrepreneurs. As a community, it’s our responsibility to help each other out in times of need, and that includes buying banh mi from that friendly Vietnamese man down the block just so he can keep his business open.

Be On The Lookout for Scammers

You would think that scammers would be more sympathetic for people because we’re in the middle of a pandemic, but that’s just not the case. If your team is shifting to remote work, it is important to stay vigilant, especially when dealing with important information. The internet has a lot of scammers lurking and waiting for their next victim. Use a multilayered verification strategy to ensure that neither you nor your customers are going to be scammed.

Offer Support

Times are really tough and everyone’s fight or flight responses are constantly activated due to the uncertainty we face every single day. Therefore, it’s important that you be sympathetic and understanding to your team and your customers. This can be done by offering support through conversations about mental health awareness or just letting them know you are here to answer questions or concerns. It may not seem like much, but it can already do so much in showing you care.