The Next-Generation Starbucks Shop


Because of the pandemic, a lot of companies have been innovating ways on how to cater to their clientele with very minimal person to person contact. Teased only last September, Starbucks has joined in on the pick-up concept to minimize wait time for customers looking to grab a cup of coffee while on the way to work or during the busy lunch hour.

This change makes for a one-of-a-kind pick-up approach for the coffee giant. It will take the java experience to a whole new level and thereby also poses a threat to big delivery companies like Ubereats and Postmates too.

First Ever Micro-Store

Last September when the company had announced the launch of this new initiative, they had chosen NYC’s Penn Plaza as its first location. Customers can easily order their drinks in advance through a mobile app which cuts down on the waiting time. Busy New Yorkers will now have the ability to indulge in their favorite beverage plus a quick bite at the new store located at 242 West 34th Street.

As reported, the company’s focus is to enhance customer experience in metropolitan cities with dense populations. So instead of investing on huge commercial spaces, Starbucks aims to mix in the overall convenience of having to order drinks online for a quick grab-and-go.

Modern Yet Traditional

Because the customers can browse the menu on the app and order their drinks from there, the micro-store will not be offering physical menus to the public. Customers are able to access the full menu, customize drinks and select the nearest pickup site to them, all in a few clicks.

This new approach will shy away from the store’s usual display of mugs, beans and other merchandise sold at any typical Starbucks franchise. Instead, what customers will find would be a display of the status of their orders on a digital screen.

However, this new concept will not just be for those who use the app. There will still be baristas behind the counter to take orders from walk-in customers and accept payments through the usual options you find in most Starbucks chains.