Key Points Investors Look For In Your Pitch


The role of an investor is not just to provide the money you need to jumpstart your career of being a businessperson. It takes more than just listening to whatever you want to say and what you want to bring to the table. Apart from crucial factors such as the executive team and business plan, investors want to be reassured that their investment is sound while the company is really looking for ways to grow and flourish.

People Plus Passion

Investors have heard a thousand different stories before yours, and unfortunately, in most cases, all you have is one shot. So your pitches should not just highlight why you’re the “next big thing.” While you may get too excited because of the flood of ideas and how you envision the business to be a success, you may want to start with the actual passion for the project in question. Real passion must always show in the actual pitch.


When you a require a huge sum of money from an investor, expect to see that they want nothing but pure honesty. An investor will not only look at you but they will also look at the bigger picture. So it is of utmost importance that you are transparent about all the other areas of your life so that you can build the business relationship on a strong foundation of trust.

Strategic Raise

Founders are in constant capital raise mode. Though it may not always be in a formal presentation, however, you are constantly being assessed as you share your ideas with new contacts. Always remember that the company and your coworkers rely on you to bring home the bacon.

Listening Skills

In the business world, they say that an open mind can reach new levels whilst a closed one misses opportunities. Investors carefully look out for a good active listener. If a founder listens and is willing to continuously learn new things even if they’re well-versed on the matter, then you will have someone that is going to succeed.