Four Things That Used To Be Expensive In The Last Decade


Whether you’re new to adulting or have long been taking hold of the reins of your credit card, it would seem as if everything is getting more and more expensive as days go by. Ten years ago, if you wanted to treat yourself to a good meal at a posh restaurant, you wouldn’t need to be saving up for it. However today, it is a completely different story. Impromptu spending feels like you’d have to cut back on budget or settle for sandwiches at the cafeteria. This does not apply to everything though.


Even to this day, while TVs may still cost a lot, the price per square inch has drastically decreased. Even today, you will not need to have such a huge budget to buy a bigger television. Plus, there are a lot of payment options that make it easier to own one.

Classified Ads

Whenever you wanted to sell something online many years ago, you had to pay a considerable amount of fees or the ecommerce portal would have to charge a certain percentage of the sale you make. Now, you can take advantage of portals like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram or Twitter that offers free online selling or if you want to reach a broader audience, you can pay to sponsor or advertise the item for a very small amount.

Door To Door Delivery

Over the last few years, door to door delivery services are slowly getting more affordable. What used to cost so much before, is now only just a few bucks, especially for domestic deliveries. Innovations have made faster delivery turnaround times possible.

Long Distance Calls

Many years ago, who would have thought Facetime or video calling on Facebook were even possible, but it now is and advancement in technology is the reason behind that. There are many other apps that allow you contact people for free. But if need be, minutes cost only just a few cents, so you won’t need to break the bank in order to reach loved ones from far away.